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Important information regarding COVID-19
30 Assembly Drive, Suite 102
Mendon, NY 14506

Our philosophy is to help patients live healthier lives. We provide a caring, nurturing environment where your comfort and health is of primary importance.

30 Assembly Drive, Suite 102
Mendon, NY 14506

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COVID-19 Update 5/15/2020

Mendon Family Dental is officially reopened as of June 1st.  Our hygiene dental prophylaxis (cleaning) appointments are resuming June 8th.  Due to the new policies in place our scheduling and appointments may need to be modified.


Our office is going to be a different environment as to what you have been accustomed to.  Our new protocols require us to keep you and our team as safe as possible according to the COVID-19 recommended guidelines. Our goal is to keep as many people out of the waiting room, limiting any additional unnecessary social interaction.


There will be a screening desk when you first walk in.  We will record your temperature and ask you questions regarding your health and travel.  We will also need to verify your current email and cell phone number.  Our communication moving forward will predominately be either through texting or email.


From there, we will escort you to your designated room to be seen as promptly as possible.  With our new sanitation and personal protective equipment (PPE) guidelines we will try to schedule accordingly to avoid waiting time.  You may have to wait in your car until we contact you or we have designated areas in the waiting room to accommodate brief waiting times.  These areas will be predominately used for families with multiple kids.  They will be sanitized as frequently as possible.


Our office is taking this health risk very seriously in order to keep you and your families safe.  We have upgraded and modified equipment for sterilization, high speed evacuation, disinfection of surfaces and very soon, enhanced air flow in the office.  


The office and team may look different, but we will be here to deliver the same quality care and wholesome patient experience that you deserve and have received in the past.  We look forward to seeing you all soon.


Please email or call our office to schedule any urgent appointments.